About me

“It is absolutely imperative that every human being’s freedom and human rights are respected, all over the world.”– Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir

I am an Assistant Professor with the Artificial Intelligence Initiative in the Department of Biostatistics, University of Florida. I obtained my Ph.D. degree in statistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018. After graduation, I briefly worked as a Data Scientist at Google. Then, I joined Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as a post-doctoral research fellow working on biostatistics methodology and applications. 

My research topics focus on treatment recommendations based on patient-level information, identifying signals from high-dimensional data, and other novel machine learning techniques with applications to biomarker identification, cancer surveillance, and digital health. My research goal is to realize data-driven healthcare decision-making through innovative methods combining statistical and machine learning techniques. 

Address: 2004 Mowry Road, 5th Floor CTRB, Gainesville, FL 32611

Email: muxuan.liang@ufl.edu

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